Repair Service

Welcome to our repair section of our website.

We have been providing our window regulator repair service for the past 20 years. This repair facility was initiated by clients where they experienced the challenge of obtaining new or even used window regulators, or may be too expensive to replace broken units. This facility still continues with a great deal of experience gained and a considerable investment in tooling and machinery. Please email your inquiries to If you are sending your broken unit for repair by post, please send it to:

Electric Life P/L

P.O. Box 88

Moorebank NSW 1875

If you are sending by courier, please send it to Electric Life P/L. Unit 2/90 Heathcote Rd Moorebank NSW 2170

Please note: It is important to make sure that your business details are attached to the box or unit and that all related parts belonging to the regulator are included in the box or unit. PLEASE DO NOT SEND GLASS, as quite often it will break during transport.

Yours sincerely,