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BMW 5 Series E34 DRIVER SIDE REAR WINDOW MOTOR (OE# 67628359373)


The BMW 5 Series is a large family, or ‘executive’ car. It has been manufactured by BMW since 1972 and is currently (as at 2019) in its seventh generation.

The E34 is the third generation of the 5 Series. It was produced from 1988 to 1996. Initially, the model was introduced as a sedan only, but in 1990 a stationwagon (or ‘Tourer’) was introduced for the first time.

Other new additions for the model included an all-wheel drive option, stability and traction control, a 6-speed manual transmission, and an adjustable damping system to the suspension.

There was also a large range of engines available over the model’s lifespan, with 9 different engine families used including 4 cylinder, straight 6, and V8 engines.