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Volkswagen first hit the open road in Australia in 1953 with the arrival of the very first Beetle.

Since then the company clocked up a lot of Ks and passed many milestones – from the Passat winning Wheels Magazine car of the year way back in 1974, through launching the new-look Beetle in 2000 and on to selling more than 600,000 vehicles right across the country.

With that huge number and volume, it’s really easy to find a VW online and in dealerships across Australia. But it could be a totally different case if you’re looking for genuine electric window replacement parts for your Volkswagen car.

If the car window doesn’t close or open easily, this would distract you and the passengers. If the window doesn’t close evenly or completely, this could invite theft and the outside harsh elements. That’s why you know it’s important to find genuine replacement parts as soon as possible.

If the electric window mechanisms are failing or defective, you might need to visit multiple dealerships and distributors before you find the compatible parts you’re looking for. With different models available right now, looking for compatible power window motors and power window switches is a struggle for many mechanics and drivers.

Thankfully, you can now browse here online if you’re looking for those compatible parts including motor and regulator assemblies. You can quickly make a choice instead of visiting multiple dealerships and waiting too long for the shipping (in case the parts are not locally available).

The aftermarket automotive parts you can find here are always ready to be delivered. Also, these are guaranteed to perform as these match the level of German engineering (which could be the main reason you chose Volkswagen in the first place). In addition, you get peace of mind because you’ll be acquiring the automotive power window replacement parts from an established market leader.

So browse below if you want to make a quick selection and purchase instead of visiting multiple stores and dealerships. This will save you time and you can even make sure of the quality and performance of the parts.

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