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Scania’s culture has mainly about continuous innovation since 1891. With that commitment to improvement it’s no wonder why Scania has become one of the world’s leading makers of heavy trucks and buses.

In fact, over 3,500 employees of Scania’s professional workforce are dedicated right now to research and development. The goal is to develop high-quality products and solutions to meet evolving customer requirements and demand. Indeed, the truck or bus you have right now is a result of years of rigorous and overwhelming engineering research.

Aside from continuous innovation, Scania is also known for putting customers first. After all, the continuous innovation is there because of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. As a result, Scania has become the clear choice for many sophisticated customers.

Here at Electric Life, we also put our customers first by making the purchase of aftermarket automotive parts (with a focus on genuine electric window replacement parts) much easier and more convenient. With our product selection now available online, our customers can make quick comparisons and purchases.

Our power window motors, power window switches and motor and regulator assemblies are guaranteed to be high quality and up to performance. These will make the electric window mechanisms in your vehicle to be working smoothly. Although this is just a small detail, this can make a huge difference to your driving experience. If everything’s working perfectly, focusing on the road will be much easier.

If the electric window parts are failing, this could be a source of distraction both to the driver and passengers. It can make performing the tasks a bit more challenging because of the reduced focus levels. Also, it’s difficult to inspire high performance if anything in the vehicle is defective or malfunctioning.

It’s an urgent issue, which is why many mechanics and drivers visit this page so they can quickly get the parts they need for their vehicle window. We always have available stocks ready for delivery upon the customer’s request. There’s no need anymore for the customer to wait for that replacement part or visit multiple dealerships from different locations.