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If you can’t find your dream car, well you might not have yet looked at Porsche sports cars.

Porsche clearly speaks about perfection and intelligent performance. For more than 70 years of sports car history, it has remained to be the leader when it comes to translating performance into speed.

It all started with a vision when the founder Ferry Porsche looked around and could not find the car he had been dreaming of. As a result, he just decided to build it himself. It’s the best decision indeed. After all, it’s hard to match a grand vision unless someone builds it for himself and works hard for it. And that vision would start from designing the experience and maximising the function.

Design follows function from the first model up to the cars still in development. Every detail of a Porsche car (whether it’s a Porsche 911, 996 or Boxster) shows functionality and performance. Each curve has a purpose: To maximise the performance of a Porsche.

This also applies to the performance and functionality of a Porsche car window. Everything’s going well but when it’s a bad car window, everything actually fails. It only takes one small detail like failing electric window mechanisms to ruin the overall appeal of a Porsche.

That’s why owners, drivers and mechanics immediately take charge to fix the issue. Many of them look here for compatible power window motors, power window switches and motor and regulator assemblies. They save time because they can quickly place their orders here instead of visiting multiple car dealerships or waiting for months before the supplies become available.

Finding compatible and high-quality aftermarket automotive parts can be very challenging. But here we’re making it all easy and convenient for you especially when it comes to genuine electric window replacement parts. This way, your Porsche will be looking and working perfectly again. It will be ready to deliver the ultimate experience to the driver who is motivated to moving forward and doing it efficiently.

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  • PORSCHE 911 Single Switch WINDOW SWITCH

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  • PORSCHE 996 C2, C4, Turbo (GENUINE) DRIVER SIDE WINDOW MOTOR (OE# 99662410206)

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  • PORSCHE Boxster 986 1996>10/2004 DRIVER SIDE WINDOW REGULATOR (OE# 99654207604) ‘DISCONTINUED’

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    SKU: ZRPR701R
  • PORSCHE Boxster 986 1996>10/2004 PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW REGULATOR (OE# 99654207504)

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    SKU: ZRPR701L