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Nissan started in 1911 but the Nissan Motor Company was actually used for the first time in 1934. It has a long history which started in the production of DAT (Nissan’s first car, acronym of the surnames of three investing partners). In the late 1950s, the company started expanding globally (starting at US and Australia) to fill in the demand in the auto markets.
Since then, the auto company has become one of the most popular and innovative brands. You can easily witness this as you drive a Nissan car and navigate through the different Australian roads and terrains. In fact, it’s easy to find a Nissan dealer now because the company has already established a strong presence here (plus to keep up with customer demand).
However, it may not be easy to find genuine electric window replacement parts. You might have to visit several dealers or wait for weeks and months before you can get the parts you need (whether you’re looking for power window motors, power window switches or motor and regulator assemblies). When the electric window mechanisms fail, it’s important that you or the mechanic get it fixed right away.
Here at Electric Life, we specialise in providing authentic and compatible window replacement parts whether you have a Nissan 200SX, 300ZX, 350Z, Bluebird, Dualis, Exa, Figaro, Homy and other car models. We always have stocks available so we can immediately deliver the parts you need.
We also ensure authenticity (which can be hard to come by in the aftermarket automotive parts industry) so that your car window will be working perfectly again. Whether you’re using your car for regular travel, renting it to customers or occasionally showcasing it to colleagues and other people, a perfectly closing or opening car window can make the difference both to the driver and passengers.

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