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The brand is stylised as that (all in big letters) but the first thing that comes to mind when people see and hear MINI is that it’s a range of small cars. Its size and design is specifically for a certain market who want something fast, unique, stylish and somewhat economic as well.
Since 2000, this British automotive marque has been owned by BMW. The MINI brand then benefits from the BMW’s technology, distribution and infrastructure. But that’s not why you chose a MINI for yourself. After all, it’s unique, small and does the same things most cars do when it comes to navigating the roads.
The first MINI was built in 1959 and everyone noticed its small and iconic design. This still goes on until today when more and more MINIs are reinventing urban life and driving. It’s more than just about going to your destination. It’s also about making a statement on how driving and travelling should be.
However, a bad car window makes no statement at all (except for a distracting driving and travelling experience). Whether the window is hard to open or close (or the window doesn’t fully close or open at all), it’s a huge inconvenience and distraction that takes away the pleasure of driving a MINI.
Here at Electric Life, we have genuine electric window replacement parts that will fix that bad window. Whether you’re looking for authentic power window motors, power window switches or motor and regulator assemblies, our catalogue has it all. We always have stocks available so we can immediately deliver what you need.
Often it’s hard to find genuine aftermarket automotive parts especially when it comes to car window parts. Or, most people have to wait just for one replacement part. Here we have the necessary parts to make your automotive electric window mechanisms working perfectly again (and these are always available no matter what time you order).

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