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“Good times in our genes.”
Whenever you grip the wheel of an MG you can immediately feel the generations of good times built into its DNA. It’s a result of more than 90 years of success, innovation and relentless customer focus. Through those years, MG has ventured not just in daily autos, but also in sports cars to prove their excellence and superiority. Indeed, the results are astounding because of MG’s solid global operations.
The octagon badge is highly recognisable and real car enthusiasts can identify the brand and make of your car from a mile away. Whether you have a MG F or MG TF, those around you can immediately feel the history and success. And yes, as the driver you can feel those strong emotions too.
But those positive emotions can be easily ruined by a bad car window. After all many drivers get worried when the window is hard to open or close (or it closes suddenly, fails to open or close fully). This also ruins the experience of the passengers who want to protect themselves from the wind, dirt and rain. If the electric window mechanisms are failing, no one wins.
Here at Electric Life, we always have stocks of aftermarket automotive parts (genuine electric window replacement parts) that are ready for immediate delivery. This way you won’t have to endure the bad car window for far longer than necessary. You also don’t have to visit several different dealers and wait long for the parts you need. Here in our catalogue you can quickly browse and find the parts you require.
Whether you’re searching for power window motors, power window switches or motor and regulator assemblies, you can quickly browse here and order quickly. Similar to MG, our team and our commitment to authenticity and success has been going on for 30+ years.

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    MG MGF 2 Door 03/1997>08/2002 DRIVER SIDE WINDOW MOTOR

    In Stock

    SKU: 454510.002M
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    MG MGF 2 Door 03/1997>08/2002 PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW MOTOR

    In Stock

    SKU: 454510.001M
  • MG TF Cabriolet 03/1997>08/2002 DRIVER SIDE MOTOR & REGULATOR

    In Stock

    SKU: ZRMG03R
  • MG TF Cabriolet 03/1997>08/2002 PASSENGER SIDE MOTOR & REGULATOR

    In Stock

    SKU: ZRMG03L