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Mercedes Trucks

“The best for nothing.” As a global automobile brand (founded in 1926 by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler), Mercedes continues to dominate the streets not just in luxury vehicles, but also in long-distance transport and trucks.
The brand has built its presence beyond Germany because you can find both Mercedes luxury cars and heavy-duty trucks in all continents including Australia. And because of its commitment to innovation and performance, the company continues to research, design and implement ways to maximise the comfort of the driver and get more out of the fuel being used.
Although the Mercedes brand is better known for its stylish cars, those looking for function and performance also highly recommend Mercedes for optimal long-distance transport. That’s because the company is committed to meeting the increasing demands for comfort, economy, payload sensitivity and driving dynamics.
Whether it’s an Actros or Atego, every driver has already gained that ultimate experience that somehow makes the job easier. But more importantly, the company and the drivers using the Mercedes trucks are proud to have them and showcase them on the road. These trucks also assure confidence because of their professional and yet functional design.
However, that confidence and experience can be easily ruined just by one small detail. One such detail is how the electric window mechanisms are failing. Due to an accident or wear and tear, defects might have been introduced to the power window motors, power window switches and motor and regulator assemblies. As a result, the driving experience and the overall appeal of the truck is somehow ruined, not to mention the distraction to the drivers and the potential safety concerns brought by a bad window.
Here at Electric Life we have genuine electric window replacement parts that will make your truck window working perfectly again. We always have stocks available so that the parts you need will be immediately delivered. Finding genuine & aftermarket automotive parts might be a bit difficult (e.g. need to visit several dealers or wait for long), but here you can easily find what you need and quickly order.