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As a true masterpiece of Italian design, your Maserati stands out everytime you take it out of your garage. Every detail just speaks of a masterpiece as anyone can witness. Perhaps it’s the reason you chose a Maserati for yourself.
It started in Bologna, Italy (1st of December 1914) and since then Maserati has survived and thrived through the years (including enduring the major wars and having put technical ingenuity to test). The first car named Maserati (the Tipo 26) was worked by Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto Maserati (with the famous Trident logo already on the car). With that rich heritage and having a masterpiece car, you’ll always be proud to conquer the streets and get to your destination safely and efficiently.
However, that can change if there’s a small problem with the car window. Whether it can’t close fully or it shuts down too quickly, a bad car window can be distracting. The electric window mechanisms might have failed due to wear and tear or displacement (accident, physical impact). Whichever is the case, the key parts should be replaced right away.
Here you can find genuine power window motors, motor and regulator assemblies and power window switches for your Maserati car. We understand that genuine and quality aftermarket automotive parts are hard to find (especially genuine electric window replacement parts). As a result, we’ve prepared an online selection you can view anytime.
Don’t let a bad car window ruin your Maserati driving experience (or the experience of your passengers). The goal should be to focus on the Italian masterpiece itself instead of getting sidetracked by a driver or passenger window that’s hard to close or open. It’s easy now to fix that if you have the replacement parts you require.
You can now browse today and place your order. Whether it’s a holiday or a regular workday, we dispatch the orders daily so that the parts will arrive promptly. We understand that you want to confidently take your Maserati out again to the road as soon as possible.


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