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It started in 1989 when two luxury sedans were launched. Right there people at that time knew it’s the beginning of something that will change the automobile industry. It’s also the beginning of the pursuit to perfection and giving excellent options to the global luxury customers.
The LS 400 and the ES 250 are just the beginning. Through the years and especially right after the launch, Lexus has established its dominance in the global luxury market. For example just in 2007 the global sales of Lexus peaked at 518,000. Indeed until today the Lexus brand stands out because of its strong upscale image and its excellent service being provided after the sale.
However, what can possibly ruin that strong upscale image? In luxury cars every detail matters and just one scratch or problem can instantly ruin not just the car’s image, but also the entire driving experience.
It’s especially the case in having a bad car window. Aside from posing security and health risks, a bad car window is a huge distraction. If the electric window mechanisms are already defective, it can make you worry every now and then. And the problem gets worse if it’s too difficult to find the electric window replacement parts you need.
Here you can browse and find genuine replacement power window motors, power window switches and motor and regulator assemblies. We understand that finding quality aftermarket automotive parts is hard and time-consuming (people have to wait for the parts to become available). Here you can instantly find what you’re looking for and save a lot of time.
Whether it’s for your Lexus ES300, IS250, LS400, LS430, RX300, RX330, RX350 or RX400, we have genuine electric window replacement parts available here. You can place your order anytime and expect the order to arrive as soon as possible (we dispatch orders even during weekends and holiday breaks).