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The interesting beginning was when Soichiro Honda (with a staff of 12 men working in a 16 square metre shack) built improvised motorised bicycles. It has come a long way since then because by 1964 Honda became the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles.
It didn’t stop there because Honda is also known for their internal combustion engines (world’s largest manufacturer measured by volume, 14 million engines each year), automobiles and even tillers, generators, snow blowers, lawnmowers, pumps, outboard engines, marine engines and even aircraft (HondaJet introduced in 2015, HF120 with high thrust and efficiency). Indeed, Honda has already touched many facets of our lives especially when it comes to the definition of transport.
Perhaps you already feel that whenever you drive your Accord, Civic, CRV, Jazz, Legend or Odyssey. You can already feel Japanese engineering at work because of the Honda cars’ reliability and excellence.
However, there’s nothing excellent about having a bad car window whether you have the Accord or the Odyssey. Aside from the distraction to both the drivers and passengers, a malfunctioning car window also poses safety risks (plus exposure to temperature outside, rain and moisture). It’s important that the window gets fixed right away. The problem is that quality aftermarket automotive parts can be hard to come by.
Here you can find genuine electric window replacement parts for your Accord, Civic, CRV, Jazz, Legend or Odyssey. We have available power window motors, power window switches, motor and regulator assemblies and other compatible parts whether it’s for the driver side or passenger side window.
People choose our products because of how we promptly dispatch each order and ensure that the parts are in stock (so that the electric window mechanisms will get fixed right away). This way customers can browse and pick anytime. This is a convenient way of shopping for electric window replacement parts instead of waiting for the parts to become available.

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