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Ford’s origins can be traced back to how Henry Ford built a Quadricycle in 1896. It seems crude but the Quadricycle was the beginning of something that will last for more than a century (and that will continue to thrive in the present and in the future).
Henry Ford was an engineer by profession so his focus had always been on performance and practicality. It shows until today although the designs and engineering have largely evolved. But the focus remains the same, which is to go further and explore uncharted territories when it comes to what vehicles can do.
Ford has come a long way since the Model T. It’s one of the best-selling vehicles of all time and arguably the most famous car in the world. Ford’s early dominance somehow cemented its brand and reputation. In fact, it’s actually a pioneer in many things such as providing a reliable car to the mass market (and a vehicle that’s easy to maintain) and the “$5 Day” wherein it doubled the existing pay rate for factory workers. Those two pioneering concepts helped pave the way for the middle class and perhaps also helped grow the American national economy by leaps and bounds.
As mentioned earlier, Ford is about practicality and going further that still adheres with its century-old philosophy. But being practical and moving further is just impossible if something’s wrong with the vehicle no matter how small. It’s especially the case with a bad car window that distracts both the driver and passenger from enjoying what a Ford vehicle has to offer.
When electric window mechanisms fail, it’s crucial to find genuine replacement parts right away. Thankfully, here you can find power window switches, power window motors, motor and regulator assemblies and other electric window replacement parts for your Ford Corsair, Explorer, Fairlane, Falcon, Fiesta, Focus, Laser, Maverick, Ranger, Telstar, Territory, Transit and more.
We understand that genuine and affordable aftermarket automotive parts can be hard to come by and time consuming. Here we’ve made the process easier because you can quickly find what you need and place your order right away.

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