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It started in 1907 with the establishment of Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. for the manufacturing of internal combustion engines. Decades later (1951) the company name became Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. and plants in Ikeda had gone full operation to meet customer demands. In November 1967 Daihatsu formed a business alliance Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. This meant a stronger engineering and distribution network and capitalisation.
Daihatsu has always been committed to innovation and in fact as early as 1967 the company developed electric vehicles (July 1965 research and development of EVs started). Daihatsu had also become an established name in industrial machinery and mainstream passenger cars. It might be one of the lesser known brands but this is Japanese engineering we’re still talking about which is why reliability and performance remain unquestionable.
But as with all things malfunctions and failures will happen from time to time due to wear and tear and natural deterioration. It’s especially the case with electric window mechanisms. Whether it’s a Daihatsu Applause, Charade, Feroza, G200, G202, Pyzer, Sirion or YRV, a bad car window can easily ruin the vehicle’s image and overall functionality.
Here you can find power window motors, power window switches and motor and regulator assemblies and other genuine electric window replacement parts for your Daihatsu vehicle. Although genuine aftermarket automotive parts are hard to come by, we have made the entire process fast, smooth and efficient. You can browse below and quickly find out if what you’re looking for is available. Once you place your order we’ll dispatch the purchase as soon as possible. This way, you’ll get your Daihatsu vehicle windows working perfectly again.

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