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As an Italian luxury car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo is all about superior European engineering and quality. It started in 1910 (100+ years long and rich history) and since then has become a strong presence not just in Europe but also here in Australia.
The company’s name is derived from the acronym ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) and Nicola Romeo’s last name (the entrepreneur who took control of the company way back in 1915). In the early years Alfa Romeo was involved in the manufacture of military hardware (including munitions, aircraft engines, compressors and generators) wherein high standards are required. Up to this day Alfa Romeo is all about high standards and you can see and feel that if you’re driving an Alfa Romeo 147, 156, 159, 164, 166, 33, 75, Giulietta, GT/Spider or Mito.
However, that pleasurable driving experience can be easily ruined by a bad car window. Whether it’s due to physical impact or simply the effect of constant wear and tear, a problematic window can take away all the prestige of having an Alfa Romeo automobile. It’s impossible to feel that level of luxury if there’s something wrong with the car in the first place.
Here you can find motor and regulator assemblies, power window switches, power window motors and other genuine electric window replacement parts for your Alfa Romeo car. Finding quality aftermarket automotive parts can be difficult which is why we’ve made the entire process much smoother and easier. You can place your order right away and we’ll dispatch it as soon as we can.
It’s not right to endure the failing electric window mechanisms far longer than necessary. Aside from ruining the car’s image and prestige, a bad car window also leads to safety risks. It’s now time to make it alright by fixing what’s wrong and finding the parts you require for the driver window or passenger window to work perfectly again.

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